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Rev. Dee Dale


Rev. Dee; Thank you for 28 years of Service!!! We wish you and Judy a wonderful Retirement filled with health, prosperity, and as much fun as the two of you can stand!!! God Bless You Both !!!

And we know that in all things

God works for the good of those who love God,

who have been called according to God’s purpose.
Romans 8:28






After serving for 28 years as the Pastor of Metropolitan Community Church of Louisville (MCC-L), Rev Dee Dale has announced her retirement effective at the end of August. She has been active with MCC-L since 1977 having served on the Board of Directors and as Music Minister prior to becoming pastor. One of the five longest-term pastors serving her denomination; Rev. Dee plans to spend her retirement traveling with her spouse of 24 years, Judy Dale, for as long as Judy’s health allows it. After being in remission for many years it was recently discovered that Judy’s lung cancer has returned.

The Metropolitan Community Church denomination began in October 1968, predating the historic Stonewall riots. MCC-L was founded in September 1972, making it one of the denominations oldest churches east of the Mississippi River. Dale assumed the pastorate in December 1983. The church is the oldest gay organization in Kentucky.

Rev. Dee’s last Sunday as pastor will be August 28. The community is invited to join the congregation for services starting at 10:30 AM as she is honored for her service. Her final sermon will be given during the midweek service the following Wednesday August 321 at 6:00 PM

Dale known to parishioners and friends simply as “Reverend Dee”, has frequently been the spokesperson for gay Christians and their acceptance by others, both Christian and those of other faiths.

Over the decades of service she was often interviewed by the media to present “the other side of the story” when our community was being bashed. Rev. Dee was a member of the founding board of the Community Health Trust (CHT), formed as a response to the health needs of our community just as the AIDS epidemic began. She served on that board for 11 years, the past four as president. Under her leadership the first Glade House property was purchased. It became the region’s first residence especially for people who were HIV positive. For the first few years of the organizations existence, she was the only woman willing to be involved in CHT. For a number of years Rev. Dee was the only clergy person in Kentuckiana who would conduct funerals for persons who had died from AIDS – both men and women. She traveled throughout the area performing such services because many local pastors refused to officiate. Some weeks she performed one or more funerals per day, she worked diligently to secure a few funeral homes willing to embalm and display the bodies of persons who had died from AIDS. When families couldn’t afford the cost of having a service at a funeral home, MCC-L allowed viewing and funeral services in their building free of charge. Rev. Dee fought in Frankfort and won the right for Kentucky nursing homes to accept people with AIDS. MCC-L sponsored numerous support groups for HIV positive persons and for their significant others/spouses, family members, and caregivers to address medical issues, spiritual needs, and emotional needs. She also was one of the first community members to teach safer sex classes in the community – including classes just for men. Rev Dee has been a dedicated activist through the years, not only lobbying for GLBT causes in Louisville and Frankfort but also on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. In 2007 and 2009 she was the only clergy person from Kentucky to participate in the Human Rights Campaign’s Clergy Call, a lobbying event organized that featured clergy participants from almost every state. She was part of the Marches on Washington in 1987 and 1994. For many years of her ministry, it was not unusual for Rev. Dee to receive threats on her life, which is why MCC-L has had a security team in place to be prepared to take action should someone enter, ready to attack or kill the pastor, or wanting to leave a bomb to destroy the church and congregation. In the early days of her ministry, she never went to a speaking engagement without a security person accompanying her or participated in a march or peaceful demonstration without security vehicles nearby. Within the MCC denomination, Rev. Dee has been a Supervising Pastor and mentor/teacher for over a dozen students and Clergy Candidates. She is frequently invited to lead Spiritual Renewals in various MCC congregations across North America.


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Rev. Dee Dale
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The article that appeared in the Letter...