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  We are part of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC). MCC has over 200 churches and missions in 30 countries; 
With many more core groups in other countries asking for help 
in starting a church where they are.
We are a Christian Church and part of the Body of Christ.

    We embrace inclusiveness and value diversity.  We believe that the interests, passions, skills, talents and spiritual gifts that make us individuals, were given to us by God, for a purpose.  We believe that using these in the service of God is the best way to open our lives to the abundance and promise of God’s blessings.

    Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) are made up of people from all walks of life, religious and spiritual backgrounds, and even those who have had no formal religious or spiritual backgrounds.   We are a true “melting pot” of people.  

    At MCCL we don’t get lost in judgment and in debate over doctrine.  We keep our focus on the life, teaching, and example of Christ.  Jesus never turned anyone away. Jesus always forgave, and always loved unconditionally.  

The Kentucky Derby Festival

The Great Steamboat Race

& The Pegasus Parade

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    If you have been hurt by “religious people”, told or led to believe that you are unworthy of God, or just can’t deal with the oppression of religious politics and judgment, there is a place where you can worship your Creator where Love extends equally to everyone.  If for whatever reason you feel like you just can’t fit into that “cookie cutter” ideal of a “Christian”, you will find your individuality welcome here.  

   Church is what we make of it.  We continuously strive to create an environment of acceptance, love and spiritual family, where everyone can belong.  

  That is a hope of Jesus for the world.





Gallopalooza-Louisville’s Sidewalk Derby

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“A walk in God’s world
is like the colors of the rainbow”
“A walk in God’s world
is like the colors of the rainbow”


It’s a great city.

Check out Our City in Pictures

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Come. Be yourself;


  and add your light


      to the spectrum.


And never forget that







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Art & Architecture

Louisville is rich in the Arts;

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SERVICES: Sunday  10:30 am

(Sunday Fellowship -downstairs- immediately after service.)


Sunday Morning Bible Study: 9:00 am


Mid-week Activities: Wednesday Night


Choir Practice Wednesday at 6:30 pm (in the auditorium )

Committee and Group Meetings  Wednesday at 6:30 pm (downstairs)



1432 Highland Ave.

Louisville, KY 40204

502-587-6225 (MCCL)







“When you pass through the waters,
 I  will be with you ...
For I Am the Lord, your God ...
You are precious in my sight ...
Because I love you !”

                                       Isaiah 43: 2-4

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Our Location -  1432 Highland Avenue, Louisville Kentucky  40204
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MCC Louisville

The Earth is a beautiful place; especially with you on it !
Thanks for visiting our web site!

The Earth is a beautiful place; especially with you on it !
Thanks for visiting our web site!
AA Groups (meeting at MCCL)
Sundays: 4:30 PM &
Mondays: 6:00 PM
Java Club
Meets every month on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays
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MCC Louisville
Beautifully nestled in the Highlands.
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Jiujiang, China  2004
La Plata, Argentina  1994
Mainz, Germany  1977
Montpellier, France  1954
Perm, Russia  1994
Quito, Ecuador   1962
Tamale, Ghana  1979
Leeds, UK  2006
(Leeds is also a “friendship city”)
1 Twin City
Bushmills, Ireland  2008

Note: Just click on the underlined links for more info. The City Names for info about them or the date to learn about the sister city agreements and history.

Many MCC’s are named after their city or locale. We are proud to call this place home!
MCC LOUISVILLE Location; N 38 degrees 14.359’ / W 085 degrees 43.560’ / Elevation 562 Feet
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